Dr. Kenneth Zaremski-Musculoskeletal Medicine, Osteopathic Manipulation, Prolotherapy

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Office: I am presently employed in Family Practice through Aurora Healthcare in Green Bay, WI at the W. Mason office.

What is an Osteopath?     A Doctor of Osteopathy is physician with full and unrestricted license to practice medicine.  They have a goal to treat the patient in the context of their total life and health status by optimizing self healing mechanisms and maximizing the body's structural and functional relationships utilizing manual, medical and surgical methods.  -- Dr R. Hruby.  Osteopathic physicians have been practicing medicine for over 120 years and practice in every state.  Though it all started in Kirksville, Missouri, Osteopathic schools are now found around the world.  For more specifics about the underlying philosophy of medicine and history of Osteopathy, see the AOA's site www.osteopathic.org.  (also see "links")

Care Philosophy:     Dr. Zaremski uses a holistic approach to diagnosing and treating patients.  He strives to care for the whole person, not just their illness.  He believes that educating patients is important and that good communication is vital to good care.  He strives to form a partnership with his patients and develop a mutually agreed upon plan of care.

Specialties:     Dr. Zaremski is a physician, board certified in both Family Practice and Neuromusculoskeletal Medicine which includes musculoskeletal evaluations, Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine (OMM) and Osteopathic Manipulative Treatments (OMT). 

What types of Musculo-Skeletal Problems might be evaluated?     Dr. Zaremski has special training to evaluate and treating problems of the muscles, joints, ligaments and interconnecting fascia.  The following list contains only some of the common conditions that are evaluated: 

Foot disorders Pelvic torsion Chest wall pain
Numbness and Tingling Back pain     or Costochondritis
Leg length differences Hip pain Patelofemoral syndrome
Scoliosis Plantar fasciitis Shoulder pain
Joint injuries Headaches Muscle strength imbalances
Ordering and eval of orthotics Neck pain

And others


What conditions can be treated with OMT?     Virtually every aspect of health can be modified in some way by Osteopathic Manipulative Treatments (OMT).  This list contains only some of the common conditions that frequently improve or resolve with OMT: 

Fibromyalgia Neck strain or torticolis Foot disorders
Migraines Infant Plagiocephaly TMJ
Other headaches   (a crooked head) Old injuries
Acute back pain Carpal tunnel syndrome Scoliosis
Chronic back pain Post injury strains Sciatica
Neck pain Post casting strains Back pain in pregnancy
Numbness and tingling   And others


What styles or forms of OMT does he use?   If needed, Dr. Zaremski is trained to work on the extremities (arms and legs) with all of his available techniques, as well as the spine and its attachments. 

Many patients are familiar with current common “Osteopathic” manipulation styles and have questions about available techniques.  The following is a list of some of the styles in which Dr. Zaremski is formally trained:  typical spinal manipulation or Thrusting techniques, Muscle Energy, Craniosacral, Myofascial, Visceral (organs), Jones’ Strain Counterstrain, Facilitated Positional Release, Fulford Percussion Hammer and Others. 

There are simply not very many different types of tissues to work on within the body.  "Body workers" of all types frequently re-invent someone else's work style or plan and place a name upon it.  Because of this, there has been a greater effort within the Osteopathic profession to insure originality before publishing and publicizing "new" techniques.  In fact, we have discovered that the founder of Osteopathic Medicine, Dr. A.T. Still, had practiced most of the current and "new" styles of treatments over 135 years ago, but never named them.

Sports, Athletes, Musicians:     One of Dr. Zaremski's special qualities is his experience both in and with dancers, musicians and athletes.  "I can't imagine trying to provide good care for someone if I don't really know what they do."  Dr Zaremski has trained in gymnastics and played flute in an orchestra as a child.  He studied classical Russian ballet and performed with the University of Kansas Dance Company.  He has competed at a national level in Volleyball, Swimming and Crew (rowing).  He has also competed in Pole vaulting, Javelin, Cycling and Sailing.  He also participates in rock climbing, martial arts and tennis.  Dr. Zaremski has also worked with professional football players, collegiate runners, ballet and ballroom dancers and professional symphony musicians.  "My knowledge of technique and biomechanics combined with medical physiology and pathology often allows me to find the cause of a problem so that it never has to be treated again."

Prolotherapy:     Dr. Zaremski also provides prolotherapy.  This is a unique form of treatment that stimulates the body to strengthen and repair tissues that have been weakened by injury, insufficient healing or other medical conditions.  It has been demonstrated to help repair torn tendons and ligaments and re-grow cartilage.  It will often stabilize areas that "won't hold and adjustment."  The tightening and strengthening it provides is a great balance to the loosening and relaxation that Osteopathic Treatment provides. (see "Links")


The foundations of Osteopathy:  Osteopathic Medicine and the first school of Osteopathy was founded by Dr A. T. Still (1828-1917).  Like other doctors of the time, he trained by reading and apprenticeship.  Dr. still found his available treatments ineffective in treating the influenza epidemic of the late 1800's which claimed three of his children in 1864.  He lost faith in "modern medicin" and returned to studying the human body.  He postulated that the body must be self healing and regulating and developed techniques to improve movement, affect breathing, blood circulation, nerve function and lymphatic circulation.  With the public demand to learn his techniques, he opened one of the first formal medical schools in the country in 1892.  It was also open to both "negros" and women!  Due to advancements in medical science, in 1908 the school incorporated "traditional" medicine into the curriculum.  Thus began the present day Osteopathic Physician.

Dr. Kenneth Zaremski-Musculoskeletal Medicine, Osteopathic Manipulation, Prolotherapy

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